First Touch Academy aspires to create joyous and meaningful experiences so that children can learn for life.


Ensure learning activities meets child’s needs.Make learning experiential and contextual.Ensure child enjoys learning, individually & in groups.Develop positive impression of school and peers.Provide child care in safe and secure environment.


Nurture the uniqueness in every chil.Promote child’s natural curiosity .


Developing Skills for Life:

Our approach to education and child care goes beyond just preparing your child for school. Our curriculum focuses on skill development on four domains: physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language.

Individual Attention from Early Childhood Experts:

First Touch Academy focuses on all aspects of care such as eating, sleeping and diapering. Maintaining a strict schedule for each child’s developmental needs, ensuring these are met and reviewed periodically are part of the care and learning program. An appropriate student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child’s unique needs will be met.

By nurturing all areas of your child’s development, we create good citizens and lifelong learners.