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I feel much more confident when I’m at work because I know that they’re doing a fabulous job! It’s beautiful to see my son transforming himself every day with something new. The fact that they give CCTV coverage keeps me connected to my child. It’s a wonderful journey. And Yes, I’m experiencing it 🙂

Anita Bohra, Finance Executive & Business Development

First Touch is a fantastic first experience of school for my little one. Highly recommend FTA to any parent who wants a well adjusted, global, happy preschooler. Being first-time parents, we were very apprehensive about leaving her at school but the playgroup staffs made her feel very comfortable to a point that she insisted on staying and playing even after school hours.

Karthik Selvaraj, HR Director.

“Both our kids go to First Touch Academy pre-school. For our son this was the first school and he really enjoyed it!! He has been eager and happy and ready to go to school from day one & really loved its atmosphere. Our daughter is in her second year in the school and has blossomed during her time here. She has had great experiences and keeps talking about how fun the school is all the time. Thanks to First Touch Academy for providing such friendly, loving and caring environment. I would also like to thank the teachers Mahima ma’am, and Soumya ma’am for all the effort and support they have been giving everyday to our kids.”

Roopa, Homemaker.

At the outset, I would like to say that it is an unequivocal pleasure and source of pride for us to have our children study at First Touch Academy. Both our children have had a wonderful experience and look forward eagerly to go to school. The unique blend of experiential learning and academics which First Touch Academy utilizes has definitely served to imbibe not just knowledge but also ethics and good morals in our children. The teachers and staff all demonstrate a personal touch in molding our children and this in turn helps the children get a better world-view and develop a keen sense of interpersonal interactions. I would also like to make special mention of the great facilities and security precautions that the school has put in place, which helps parents feel secure about having their young ones away from home. A ton of thanks from us to all the teachers, staff and other faculty of the school for providing our children with excellent education and a brilliant experience, which is, to phrase it simply, priceless.

Senior Legal Counsel, Dassault Systemes India Pvt Ltd

This school truly belongs to the millennial’s,the last one year we had an awesome experience & we are glad to be a part of First Touch Family…I recommend them very highly to anyone looking for a preschool ,they do a wonderful job with the children….Looking forward for more good memories with the school…
Minu Sahni
Manager PR and Design At Soulspace Projects Ltd.
Principal Architect at CDS..

Minu Sahni,Principal Architect at CDS.

Our experience with FIRST TOUCH ACADEMY was , we have now decided to enroll her for nursery as well.
The CCTV access to the class rooms is one of the finer points here. As a parent of first time school going kid, it is a huge relief and peace of mind.

Veda’s mother
Soumya jayakrishnan

Soumya jayakrishnan

One of the best pre schools we have ever seen… My child is doing her play group and teaching is excellent.. my child has learnt so much and she has learnt socializing with people very well. Faculty are doing a great job, we confidently send her to school and have no worries regarding safety. FIRST TOUCH ACADEMY, Has given a very good pre school journey so far.

Mr. Nitesh Kumar

I am very Happy about FIRST TOUCH ACADEMY SCHOOL, bcoz my daughter VEDHA SREE is studing there in nursery.
The faculty of the school is very good, the safety precautions of the school is very good especially the CCTV coverage of school, we always be seeing What my daughter will be doing in class, play area, so that we can change them easy for there future of education.
I Manikumar F/o VEDHA Sree is very great full for FIRST TOUCH ACADEMY SCHOOL for starting a very nice and good education start-up.

Mani Kumar

Hi am Naveen my Daughter NAMASYA started her schooling in First Touch Academy in 2019, she is in NURSERY ‘A’ section. It’s been 6 months of her schooling, am very Happy abt my daughter progress, with in months she started writing, Drawing & Colouring by her own, her English speaking skills and her rhymes pronouncing has be tremendous & we are very Happy abt the teacher’s in the school they r very polite & friendly, especially the class teacher “UMA SELVI”mam, my daughter like her so much for her generous nature wit kids, am so dame happy and worth full for starting my Daughter education here.
Keep it going the same way First Touch


This was our first ever experience with our kid going to a school, spending time away from us and it has been a great experience. We love the fact that the school keeps in mind the minutest of the details about the kids, and their needs. The staff and the faculty have been so warm and excellent at their job that we have never got a chance to complain. We look forward to Parents-teachers meeting as we get to see what is taught in the class and how they are performing at the school. But we also get updates everyday from the teacher when we come to pick up our kid. Since we have the CCTV access to the class and other areas where our kid would be when at the school it gives us such a relief and also we get to enjoy their activities. Their classrooms are so colorful and clean but at the same time so fun filled that we wish we got to live that experience when we grew up. They not only focus on academics but they give importance to fun activities, class outings, festival celebrations and much more and we have seen them put in so much of effort in making each event successful and different from one another.
Our kid is so fond of his class teacher, (Nasrat Ma’am, Nursery ‘B’) that he would talk about her so much once he comes home. It’s nice to know that after home he finds the school as his safe haven and his teacher as his 2nd mother. We are very happy with our decision of putting him in this school and definitely will recommend other parents to do the same.

Mrs. Tejaswini

Karthik ( Sarvagjna father) Nursery A review: I’m really glad to see my daughter happy and enjoy going to school and she almost recognizes all the school staff member, which shows staff and teachers are friendly I believe this is one of the most important factor for learning, I think. When kids like the teachers they will start learning easily the teachings. I request you to continue the good work and I wish if you include some more additional extra activities like swimming and dance classes, etc.


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