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FTA welcomes you to a wonderful world that is beaming with smiles, buzzing with giggles and dancing with fun. It's a world full of surprises, sweet little memories and happy experiences. Welcome to the world of children, welcome to childhood as it unfolds.

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Building a strong sense of community in First Touch Pre School is both important and doable. Our school uses different Community - Building Approaches, that helps us to be a family.

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I feel much more confident when I’m at work because I know that they’re doing a fabulous job! It’s beautiful to see my son transforming himself every day with something new. The fact that they give CCTV coverage keeps me connected to my child. It’s a wonderful journey. And Yes, I’m experiencing it 🙂

Anita Bohra, Finance Executive & Business Development

First Touch is a fantastic first experience of school for my little one. Highly recommend FTA to any parent who wants a well adjusted, global, happy preschooler. Being first-time parents, we were very apprehensive about leaving her at school but the playgroup staffs made her feel very comfortable to a point that she insisted on staying and playing even after school hours.

Karthik Selvaraj, HR Director.

“Both our kids go to First Touch Academy pre-school. For our son this was the first school and he really enjoyed it!! He has been eager and happy and ready to go to school from day one & really loved its atmosphere. Our daughter is in her second year in the school and has blossomed during her time here. She has had great experiences and keeps talking about how fun the school is all the time. Thanks to First Touch Academy for providing such friendly, loving and caring environment. I would also like to thank the teachers Mahima ma’am, and Soumya ma’am for all the effort and support they have been giving everyday to our kids.”

Roopa, Homemaker.

At the outset, I would like to say that it is an unequivocal pleasure and source of pride for us to have our children study at First Touch Academy. Both our children have had a wonderful experience and look forward eagerly to go to school. The unique blend of experiential learning and academics which First Touch Academy utilizes has definitely served to imbibe not just knowledge but also ethics and good morals in our children. The teachers and staff all demonstrate a personal touch in molding our children and this in turn helps the children get a better world-view and develop a keen sense of interpersonal interactions. I would also like to make special mention of the great facilities and security precautions that the school has put in place, which helps parents feel secure about having their young ones away from home. A ton of thanks from us to all the teachers, staff and other faculty of the school for providing our children with excellent education and a brilliant experience, which is, to phrase it simply, priceless.

Senior Legal Counsel, Dassault Systemes India Pvt Ltd

This school truly belongs to the millennial’s,the last one year we had an awesome experience & we are glad to be a part of First Touch Family…I recommend them very highly to anyone looking for a preschool ,they do a wonderful job with the children….Looking forward for more good memories with the school…
Minu Sahni
Manager PR and Design At Soulspace Projects Ltd.
Principal Architect at CDS..

Minu Sahni,Principal Architect at CDS.

Our experience with FIRST TOUCH ACADEMY was , we have now decided to enroll her for nursery as well.
The CCTV access to the class rooms is one of the finer points here. As a parent of first time school going kid, it is a huge relief and peace of mind.

Veda’s mother
Soumya jayakrishnan

Soumya jayakrishnan

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