Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At FTA, we believe that Each person is an individual who will learn and develop in a unique way. With support from caring teachers and a rich learning environment, children will learn, play, explore, create, and develop relationships .

First Touch Academy curriculum is built upon the following philosophical beliefs :

Trusting, respectful, nurturing relationships between children and adults are essential. These caring bonds build the foundation for a classroom environment where children can take risks,learn from their mistakes, and be joyful in their learning. A play-based, hands-on, active learning environment is most appropriate for young learners. We believe that this approach, which includes the whole child, prepares children well for success,both in school and in their lives.

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Education Opportunities


Children will make significant choices about use of materials and activities throughout the day.They are offered opportunities to participate in individual, small group and large group experiences.

Below are some questions to ask yourself when assessing a child’s space :
Allows for Choice
Ensures accessibility